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Welcome to MeatBall Wiki. It aspires to be an intercommunity or metacommunity. We talk about how people online come together naturally in groups. Along with that, some of us also like to talk about building our own communities.

Points of interest:

Wiki-nodes of our neighbours:

... a few more neighbors are listed at MeatballAlternatives ...

See also the [wiki-node idea].


The [wiki-node] is a way to link wikis.

[WikiNodes Wiki]


Which other wiki is MeatBall related to?

En LangueFrançaise, la boulette de viande est aussi liée au CraoWiki:WikiNode ?

And by the way -

@meatball (that's you!):

Happy 4th anniversary! 040414 14:45 UTC, +01h -- MattisManzel

I exaggerate on smallcase, sure. But not a bit as much as wiki exaggerates on CamelCase. [wiki-nodes: forum] -- MattisManzel

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... for testing, illustrating, exploring the concept -- FridemarPache


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