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This page is for people to put their personal wish lists for wiki ideas and features.

Often we periodically discuss various feature ideas. However, there is a feeling that good feature ideas are often discussed and then forgotten about. This page is part of an effort to keep popular feature ideas closer to the foreground of the Wiki:WikiMind.

This page is not so much for forming consensus on the most desirable wiki features (that's the next step); this page is rather for soliciting each individual's preferences.

You can look in the categories CategoryUncommonWikiTechnology and CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology to see some ideas that people have had that you might wish to use in making your list. If you order your list from most-wanted to least, use a '#' at the beginning of each line to create an ordered list. If your list is unordered, use '*'.

BayleShanks's list
  1. CommunityProgrammableWiki -- will enable faster evolution of wiki software; will allow feature decisions to be decided in the WikiWay
  2. RatingGroups -- will free a large community from having to argue which topics are important enough to be discussed, while saving individual users lots of time by filtering
  3. EasySubmission -- is necessary to get new people comfortable with wikis
  4. WikiInterchangeFormat -- this will make it easier for sites to seamlessly migrate to the best available wiki software. In addition, it will enable syndication of content
  5. RatingAsContent/WikiVoting -- will let you compactly present the agreement of a community with an idea, useful in political or scientific discussion
  6. ModWiki -- to make it easier to keep up with things as we all become members of many different online communities
  7. ThreadingForWiki, WikiLog -- it's high time that wikis gained full thread support; wikis should be able to emulate discussion boards and weblogs as a special case
  8. WikiRefactoringBrowser -- a tool to allow one to move blocks of text between and within pages would speed up refactoring considerably
  9. SubscribedChanges -- actually I don't use this feature much as-is; but combined with full threading support, it would be very useful to get email notification when specific comments/threads WITHIN a page were changed
  10. WebOfTrustModeration -- will allow wikis to be used in place of forwarding email to convey interesting topics throughout social networks. Saves individual users time

ChristopherAllen's list

This is more of an unsorted "hmm, might be nice" list that a real feature request list. That may come later ;-)

DaveParker's list

TonyArmani's list

Meta-discussion about this page

Theoretically, this page might someday become unwieldy, filled with hundreds of lists, so we should think about what to do then. We could have everyone put their lists, if they have one, on their homepage; but that doesn't advance the goal of becoming more conscious of what feature people want (it would be a pain to click through a bunch of people's homepages and look for the feature list, even if you knew which people had feature lists on their homepage). So there is benefit in centralizing such a discussion. I would like to vote on feature ideas; then everyone could have their list on their page, and a central page could just keep track of the sums. This would raise consciousness of popular feature ideas.



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