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This is the page where I discover for the first time what a Wiki is and where I try to use one.

Hello Conchita, as a WikiNewbie please take your time and check out this wiki - the FrontPage is a good start (looks like you might have been there aready)! There are many wiki and each - either have their own community or are developing one. Best, MarkDilley

Welcome to Meatball, Conchita. If you're interested in finding a wiki on something that interests you (assuming MB does not fit that category), try taking a TourBus, or looking at our WikiNode. -- ChrisPurcell

I see and I don't see... I need to learn my way... discovery learning... finding things out in a window shopping type of way... the bus journey metaphor is the easy part. I give and I take by learning to write in the given format ...

I link by simply writing the name of the page as it appears when I find the page I like - like this - TextFormattingRules And an external link by writing it in a special bracket tag - like this - [TextFormattingRules] or - like this - [City of Westminster College] -- ConchitaVaricak



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