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This domain name was the author's answer to a question put in AboutusOrg, how to describe the identity of the organization in three words.

Actual Call for Collaboration

FridemarPache: now offers it at [AboutusOrg:CreateConnectCollaborate] for Google:FreeGainSharing as an another experiment on SocialDomaining.

Earlier Call for Collaboration

FridemarPache: Who wants to share costs, developing work for domain recognition and gains? Realname Meatball members or friends of Meatball, CommunityWiki, AboutusOrg, WardsWiki or any other online-community with name-recognition by their previous public contributions are invited.

Interestingly enough, he offered this domain in response to [AboutusOrg:WhoWeAre] in an IRC chat to the Aboutus staff there and was honored with a page created by MarkDilley, called [AboutusOrg:CreateConnectCollaborate] . Here he applied the XP principle, Google:Courage+XP as reflected in the core-value [AboutusOrg:BeBold].

To practise SocialDomaining as ExtremeOpenBusiness has the advantage of rooting the trade in the community, where such values are in high esteem, possibly getting the best work power to make the deal a success.

This example (to be elaborated) shows the countless synergies, that can be produced by integrating the economic part of real life into a wiki.

NathanielThurston: I like this domain name -- it seems to have real potential. I'd be willing to share costs (if they don't break my bank), but I'd prefer to invest my time, as I have an abundance of time but a paucity of liquid money. Here's the thing: it's a long-term investment, paying mostly in reputation until the world shifts its stance from Google:PredominantlyMarketEconomy to Google:PredominantlyGiftEconomy. I think that change is coming, and it's a guessing game as to when, but personally I think we may have to wait a year or two.

FridemarPache: I bought the domain for 5.99 US$ at http://name.com and would like it to share it with maximal 10 friendly and constructive real persons here or in other communities, who have built individual and collective goodwill. If Aaron would join, then the costs reduce to 2 $ each, having earned my first 0.01 $ :-) for the infrastructure. You need not pay it now. So I give you an "author credit" of 5% for the one year period. I welcome those small payments and microcredits, because this allows us to demonstrate, experience, test and document realworld ExtremeOpenBusiness, targeted for the [AboutusOrg:PennyBank.biz], with its (hopefully more than :-) 200 million OLPC kids and arbitrary many partners. It would make me happy, if we could sum up to 10 domain shareholders, to play the transparent real economic game of a 10 kids team project.

Just forwarded the domain http://CreateConnectCollaborate.com to the Twin Page [AboutusOrg]. This domain expires on 2009-06-18. So if we have not sold it until then, the costs accumulate accordingly (guess below 10$ total fee to the registrar to extend the domain for another year).

I suggest to continue our conversation on the Twin Page, looking forward at Meatball for

Further elucidating, inspiring, motivating, reflecting, commenting :


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