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Programmer working in and around wikis for many years now. Always pleasantly surprised to rediscover the simple power of wiki.

Welcome Dan in Meatball. After less than seven hours, you are already listed on top of Google. See Google:DanFreeman+programmer+wiki :-) -- FridemarPache

thanks Fridemar - will have to keep an eye on that! I am but one of many Dan Freemans online - most of whom are not me ... which is probably just as well!

Dan, Welcome. Can you share some of your wiki experiences? What engine do you use and what kind of wiki applications are in your fokus? -- HelmutLeitner

hello Helmut - thanks for the welcome. Wiki experiences ... I played around with templating features quite a bit in the old FastMail.fm documentation wiki which was then running on PhpWiki (now is in MediaWiki). Going back a few years now - I had good experience with PmWiki for my own PersonalWiki use, easy to install without needing a DB. Also inherited administration duties for a good-sized WikkaWiki for an internal tech documentation project.

As a programmer, I enjoy working in Python & Ruby maybe a bit more than PHP, generally speaking - so am naturally inclined to pay attention to developments in projects such as MoinMoin and Wagn. Be that as it may, I am now running MediaWiki just to get more familiar with that platform, since it is so prevalent.

Oh - and then there is TiddlyWiki ... I like to play with that a bit too. --Dan

Dan, that's a rich background that you have, thank you for these insights. Meatball is a vast resource, that is more like a jungle than a handbook. Are there special topics you are interested to access? Or some special problems that you trying to solve? -- Helmut

Thanks for the prompting questions Helmut! Immediate interest revolves around PersonalWiki from a programmer/sysadmin perspective. Things I care about: lightweight system, minimal core, extendable, hackable. And always interested to think about more sophisticated support for refactoring and similar sensibilities regarding information management and user experience in that dimension. Appreciating the "human factors" relating even to simple interface design and workflow issues - becomes quite interesting when collaborative development is the goal.



SunirShah -- Sun Sep 27 18:04:54 2009

Hey Dan! Welcome to Meatball

NathanielThurston -- Mon Sep 28 06:13:29 2009

Hi Dan, welcome. I'm curious about how you found Meatball and what you found interesting here.

DanFreeman -- Wed Sep 30 04:20:06 2009

hello, thanks for the welcome! I found Meatball via c2, and c2 via my interest in refactoring & development patterns. My experience with wikis is mostly in context of tech documentation projects. I come to the Meatball for a broader perspective on the WikiWay - and to learn about what's new in collaborative development tech in general ...

RadomirDopieralski -- Wed Sep 30 16:04:12 2009

Hello Dan. It's very nice to see someone interested in personal wikis for technical documentation -- it's actually the focus of the engine I work on myself! I'm very interested in you experiences.

DanFreeman -- Wed Sep 30 18:54:31 2009

hello Radomir - thanks - I should clarify that my interest in personal wiki goes beyond documentation ... and conversely, experience with tech documentation is distinct from PersonalWiki. Wow - looking at your "Mad Hatta" Mercurial wiki now, that is very cool. I like the simple esthetic and quality reflected in details especially such as the "Carefully designed, explorable, RESTfull URLs" ...

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