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Dear neighbor,

What should I say here ?

distributed wiki

I am building a distributed wiki -- one where if any single server gets unplugged, people still continue using the wiki as if nothing had happened. To get it working right, I'm going to have to deal with the DistributedCacheConsistency problem -- one of the MeatballOpenQuestions.

Ideally, I would like to set up a bunch of servers, each one in a different city. Any volunteers?

http://WikiShare.sf.net ''Wiki Web and file sharing in a distributed datastore. The project aims to define a protocol and to provide implementations for a fully decentralized web authoring and content management system.
http://RetroShare.sf.net ''A private Peer to Peer (P2P) Network which allows you to share information with only the friends you want to: So actually this Instant Messenger is a Friends-to-Friends Network.

might be possible that http://interreality.org is able accomplish this, too. -- SamRose

I certainly hope any of these things are well within Sam's technical capabilities. -- DavidCary

Thank you for telling me about interreality and retroshare. Wow, the WikiShare? looks like exactly what I want to do. ''-- DavidCary

who am I

I am the first editor at the [Visual wiki]. I also edit many other wiki:

-- DavidCary

Welcome, David!
Not germane to MB, but it is nice to discover we share a common faith. -- ScottMoonen


David, got your email reminder. Sorry WikiCities appear no go for now as I think we need at least 3-4 persons with common interest (lots more if interest match is less specific). Incidentally Peter Merel is looking for a DotNet? wiki now and I advised him to stay at C2 for that.

But all is not to waste. I recommend you to add "The Inner Ring" speech reference (by CS Lewis year before WW2 ends) to BackRoomDecision page here. I chanced upon it while wandering amongst various wikis and found a link thru CommunityWiki. I was (and will continue ) looking for more info on how wikis work. I would discard wiki if there is a better collaboration mechanism online.

Again my apologies for having ignored you. -- dl

Looking for a DotNet? wiki? A bunch of them are listed at http://wikiindex.org/index.php?title=DotNet_wiki . -- DavidCary

BackRoomDecision now mentions "The Inner Ring". Yes, we were talking about "The Inner Ring" at CommunityWiki:CommunityWikiGovernmentMotivation and CommunityWiki:CliquesAndCommunities . I am astonished by how relevant this 1944 speech is to everyday life in 2007. -- DavidCary

I'm not sure why the page SlashDot did not have any history. It should have had at least one prior version. -- SunirShah

Well, I can't think of anything else I can do about it other than tell you, so I'm going to forget that glitch. -- DavidCary

Welcome David, now I am fully aware of you, after having you seen on TransparentSociety. Transparency is meanwhile a core-value of [AboutUs], which I support full-heartedly. See also HoofSmith. -- FridemarPache

DavidCary thanks for your edits to http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/FrontPage (OpenBusinessModelsWikiHive?) -SamRose

How do you become a sysop in MeatBallWiki? --WallaceCook

David, I think I may have found an easy way to partially implement a distributed wiki, by using mercurial or git under the covers. The idea would be to do a partial solution:

I think this would solve most of the need for a distributed wiki, with very little effort, especially if it's implemented on top of one of the several DRCS-based wikis (Hatta, gitit, wikiri. Others?)

Your thoughts? -- NathanielThurston


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