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NetEsq is the online alias of me, David F. Prenatt Jr. dba Internet Esquire. I recently wandered into MeatballWiki from MetaWikiPedia. Specifically, a link to VotingIsEvil caught my attention.

(David on meta did you look at governance, visions, threats, best cases, worst cases, History of Wikipedia, Systemic Bias of Wikipedia? This is interesting stuff that the cabal there likes to ignore check out what happened to user Saprtacus - a friend)

I believe the Wiki concept to be a sound one, notwithstanding the supposed "practical limitations of openness" with which all open communities must eventually contend. Accordingly, I have been a frequent contributor to Wikipedia, a project which I have found to be ideally suited for Wiki.

(Moved content to EditWar.)

That's all for now. -- NetEsq

Welcome to Meatball! I hope you'll talk a bit about your experiences in the OpenDirectoryProject. -- StephenGilbert

Hey, welcome! Would you mind terribly going as DavidPrenatt? We'd like people to UseRealNames here. I'm also interested in the OpenDirectoryProject. I've heard some strange things about it, and I'd like to have as many perspectives as possible before I attempt to join it. -- SunirShah

I will be happy to review the OpenDirectoryProject link and see if there are any relevant contributions I can make.

If you are thinking of applying to ODP (as opposed to joining) I would strongly recommend that you do so, but do your best to keep a low profile. Despite all of ODP's shortcomings, there are many advantages to being an editor, including an insider perspective on ODP's cultlike mentality.

I don't mind going by DavidPrenatt, but I am better known by my NetEsq? byline, which is my legal dba. -- DavidPrenatt

What's a legal dba? You've piqued my interest. -- SunirShah

Would you mind terribly not signing with NetEsq? nor using it as a UserName? It's kind of confusing, and somewhat superfluous. --ss

dba (all lowercase letters) is an acronym for "doing business as." It refers to a FictitiousBusinessNameStatement? that one files with a government agency, such as a county recorder. A dba can be used by an individual, a partnership, a corporation, an association, etc. -- NetEsq? / DavidPrenatt
I just tried to become an ODP editor of a small category: Encyclopedias: Directories. I was rejected. :-) I wonder if that was because I disclosed my ties to WikiPedia? -- StephenGilbert

Highly unlikely. All ODP applications are scrutinized as if they were applications to Harvard Law School, and the rejection rate is around 90%. My advice would be to AssumeGoodFaith, and apply again. If you would like some feedback on your application and/or the reasons for your rejection, check out < http://resource-zone.com/ >. It's a public forum run by the ODP editors. -- DavidPrenatt (Fixed URL for resource-zone.)

You're right. I re-applied, this time as a regional editor for my hometown and was accepted. I really like the idea of ODP, and I'm always sorry to hear the strange stories from former editors. I'll see how it goes. -- StephenGilbert

Congratulations! I wouldn't put too much stock in the strange stories you've heard. Granted ODP has its problems, but the vast majority of people who complain about ODP are not the ones with the legitimate grievances. The important thing to keep in mind is that ODP is *NOT* an OpenCommunity. Rather, it is a GatedCommunity with a hierarchical power structure that uses HardSecurity to keep the riff raff in line. And that's all well and good, but for the fact that ODP pretends to be something that it's not, and its members go out of their way to persecute anyone who challenges the party line.

The biggest problem with ODP is that it is the 800 pound gorilla of OpenContent, and it has held back true open content development in the Web directory space by employing the CopyrightTrap and keeping its editing software proprietary. In such an environment, the RightToFork becomes utterly meaningless. -- DavidPrenatt

David, would you mind giving SunirsOdpApplication a critique? After being rejected the first time, he put it up on MeatballWiki for some community help. -- StephenGilbert

At first blush, I don't see anything wrong with SunirsOdpApplication, and the (anonymous) feedback doesn't seem to offer much guidance. I'll take a closer look and respond on SunirsOdpApplication. -- DavidPrenatt

While I enjoy getting an inside look at the OpenDirectoryProject, I won't cry very much if they kick me out. Associating with you probably doesn't help much. :) -- StephenGilbert

Hehehehe . . . I actually have quite a few friends "on the inside" at ODP. Provided you don't go out of your way to make a stand, you should be able to avoid getting tarred with the same brush that they reserve for troublemakers like me. :) -- DavidPrenatt



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