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Hello, and welcome to my meatball wiki page. My uncle PaulGaskin told me this was where all the cool kids hang out. I'm only in 6th grade, so how could I resist? --EricDixon

Welcome to Meatball, Eric. Take a look around the WikiIndex wiki and see if there's a wiki out there which matches your interests. Or, if you're interested in our GoalStatement of People and People, Computers and People, then have a look around here! CategoryCategory might be a good place to start. -- ChrisPurcell

Hello, Eric! If you have any questions about MeatballWiki or wikis in general, just post them here on your page and someone will try to answer. Take a look around and let us know what interests you. -- StephenGilbert

         ^   ^   
        ( )-( ) 
--000--( o   o )--000-- 
        \     /
         \   /
          | |
-- PaulGaskin was here.



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