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Paul Gaskin

I have a new Scoop site up: http://www.peaceunion.org

I try to limit my online socializing, but [participation in] this group I can justify as being very useful to my goals. Helping people to collaborate and cooperate is a good thing.

Goal Statement:

My goal in participating at MeatBall is to understand and contribute to benevolent systems of self-government which are applicable to real social problems.

What drives me is a vision of a Utopian society which is glimmering on the horizon.

Also, I'm motivated by the confidence that society can be improved by this avenue of inquiry and innovation.

Messages to Paul:

Welcome, Paul. If you follow a rational approach, GoalStatement and SuggestedWikiRoleModel might be interesting to you. One can become a part of a community very quickly and efficiently, when understanding the mechanics. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks Helmut.

[Goal Statement moved up].

-- PaulGaskin

Paul, a lot of online community work goes in that direction and I have a number of Internet friends that also do.BayleShanks, AndriusKulikauskas and FranzNahrada are extremely active and inspring. AndrewCates works directly for a better world for children at SOS childrens villages. Many have it somewhere in the back of their mind and help every now and then (like me for example). NewRealism is in a way about the problems I perceive and how to go about them: innovation or tradition, evolution or revolution, realism or construction, content or form, social or technical, ... SunirShah is working at OpenAcademics. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, thanks for the orientation and wiki introductions. -- PaulGaskin

Hey Paul. Welcome to MeatballWiki. I'm interested to see how I can help your project. -- SunirShah

Thank you Sunir. I'm very glad that I came across your wiki. Just the availability of the forum is already a great help. I do have some specific ideas which I'd like to get your feedback on later. -- PaulGaskin

Hello, I haven't been back here for a little while. It's very nice just to edit this page. I like the design of this wiki a lot. I'll have to have a look around the site and leave a few questions and comments... --PaulGaskin

I came back again, just because this site is so cool. Just want to let folks know I'm alive and still quite fascinated by the community here. Today I'm showing my nephew, EricDixon, how a wiki will turn words into links automatically. Example: NewRealism, OpenAcademics, RadicalInclusiveness. -- PaulGaskin



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