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NooWiki is a site for collaboration for you and me. The name NooWiki is derived from NooSphere a term originally used by PierreTeilhardDeChardin? a philosopher hundred years ago. The NooSphere is the mental and spiritual space, which is part of our great kosmos and where all humans partly live in. In this sense NooWiki provides a space where we can share our thoughts about everything - profane and spiritual, concrete and abstract, technical and philosophical, wiki and wiki;-) The ultimate goal is the unification resp. integration of all Internet Technologies to build a NewGenerationWeb? for Collaboration, KnowledgeInterChange?, a SemanticWeb.

This is my PersonalPublicWiki?. Started as my PersonalWiki, as PIM, BookmarkManager?, TodoLists?, etc. for all my KnowledgeManagement?. Then made public to share my resources to everybody. It is open for all topics, slightly structured hierarchical, in english and some pages additional german. - FlorianKonnertz


Remote Wiki URL: http://openspirit.de/noowiki/



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