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The original idea behind OneBigWiki moved to SwitchWiki and settled into WikiIndex, and also was fodder for WikiNode.

This space (below) is now going to be used for the ideas that LionKimbro (CommunityWiki:OneBigSoup) and I have talked about and JohnAbbe and I have talked about (PersonalInformationManager). Others that have influenced this idea are ErnstGruber and HelmutLeitner and of course SunirShah, probably many more, ChrisGatlenberg?...

Global Indexing Scheme.

The wiki idea allows for the page name to be anything. Mostly if it is the name for a meme that is better (maybe see MagicWord??).

The meme TheyCallUsTroublemakers? is what I started on when I started to develop the idea of WikiWeblogs. A self organizing wiki structure, with the ability to index any page that we want with "Top link bar(s)" - yes being able to change and add and delete the front page that your wiki page points too is an awesome idea to me.

Basically I see it as the ability to self organize and self index information.

Think of it as simple nodes and links. Anything can be fit together.

Till later when I start to clean this mess up.

Also see http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Wiki/ShorterDescriptionOfOurIdea from the InterWiki page.


This concept comes from [One Big Union]



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