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This is a downsized raw copy of my initiated page <->[AboutusOrg:FreeEscrow] which is under CreativeCommons license, ready for transformation and a suggested transaction-oriented dialogue, in the spirit of OpenBusiness, or even ExtremeOpenBusiness. By enlightened self-interest the author is going to invite a lot of friendly and constructive community minds, such that we all can enjoy the potential synergies, hopefully flowing from it.



    * 1 What about a free automated escrow service?
          o 1.1 Domain transfers
                + 1.1.1 Step 1: (negotiating)
                + 1.1.2 Step 2: (initiating the free escrow-service)
                + 1.1.3 Step 3: (transfer to escrow)
                + 1.1.4 Step 4: (transfer to buyer and seller)
          o 1.2 Media content
          o 1.3 Software
          o 1.4 This domain FreeEscrow.org is offered for sale
          o 1.5 BiLinks
    * 2 How to make it free?
    * 3 What about SpartaPay??
    * 4 Domain FreeEscrow.org points to this page
    * 5 BiLinks

edit What about a free automated escrow service?

This is probably the dream of nearly all users in the Internet, who want to buy or sell something on the Web.

Is it feasible and profitable for the providers of such a service?



Notice for business-aware friendly and constructive wikizens here: freeescrow.net is currently not taken. Take this hint as a donation of information and give credit to the author .. :-) 1,2,3 day after: Google:FreeEscrow is Nr. 1 with Aboutus and even this downsized Meatball page Nr.2.

Wow! --NathanielThurston

Thank you for feedback. Be invited. -- FridemarPache

Can we take it inside? --N
Depending on the interpretation of your last sentence, DoOcracy may be the answer. -- fp

Perhaps CreatingAndSharingWealth in communities might stimulate the discussion .. and actions, that can be the observable part for building theories or collaboration on it. -- fp

Fridemar -- you have to update that 'FreeEscrow.net' not taken -- I took it within a few hours of our original post about it. I am actually in the midst of dumping stuff up there related to what I will call 'MicroEscrow?' (do I have to put a page up for that now?), VestedIdentity? (I will put a page up on that at FreeEscrow), 'MicroPayments?' (Surely here *is* a page for that somewhere), 'MicroBanking?' (PennyBanks?), etc. Note:' You can not edit that wiki without an editing password. These will be rather freely given to anyone I know, has a VestedIdentity?, etc. However, I have more than a decade of experience managing websites and more than five years managing wikis. Unrestricted wikis on lightly maintained sites *always* come to grief. --- BobTrower

Bob, I am glad, that you took it. How often did I give hints in the community for other domains, producing the effect, just to ignore them. You see, if some like-minded people buy similar domains, then we get a common interest to add conceptual value to the domains. Even the hidden domain-parkers can share the value increase with us, although the buyer of developed domain-variants can easily see, from whom they get more conceptional value and possibly synergies/support in the future. Yes , lets join forces and make up your site. What about offering domain-sharing with other peers here too? -- FridemarPache

Fridemar -- I am not sure what you mean by 'Domain Sharing'. BobTrower -- Oh yea, you can see me toss together stuff at that FreeEscrow.net website now. Design © 2002, 2005 by HushWebs?

Hallo Bob, I am delighted, that you opened a dedicated wiki to promote the idea of a FreeEscrow. Please send me a password to enter a new phase of the open and transparent FreeEscrow campaign. This is for me another example of CreatingAndSharingWealth towards a SocialCommonWealth. You are invited to write and BiLink to [1]. DomainSharing?, SocialDomainSharing? can have a lot of variants, which all have their own flavor, opening legal and attractive ways to collaborate in online-communities. Besides that there are opportunities of DomainPortfolioSharing?, SocialDomainPortfolioSharing?. Feel free to work in SocialModeWarrenBuffet or SocialModeMotherTeresa? or anything between. -- FridemarPache




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