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A [SocialCommonWealth] is seen by the author as the natural goal of a global trend in the Internet, starting with [SocialBookmarking], SocialAnnotation, evolving to SocialCollaboration within the framework of [OpenBusiness] and now more concrete as the realization of an [OpenBusinessWiki], where not only theoretical concepts are discussed, but where actually peers practise OpenBusiness as an OpenProcess.

Currently only the author, SamRose and perhaps BayleShanks have to do the work of pioneers, which is not a comfortable job. He would like to see at least other courageous peers, who do the same, namely acting as a pioneer-team of an OpenBusiness, where all three help each other as wiki entrepreneurs to prosper in public. This means to the author in his current start model to collectively:

Developing a domain means, to contribute connected ideas, concepts, music, graphics, programs associated with the domain. For short: creating value in addition to discussing fundamental philosophies.

The approach is also meant to be a bootstrap model for the projected 200 million children of the [OneLaptopPerChild] project. A team of ten peers can easily buy a domain for 0.87 U$ each and develop it collectively in an OpenBusinessWiki, publishing all their collaboration as Adsense blog by WikiBlogging.

As currently (2007/06/12 12:35 UTC) courageous, motivated, skillful peers with enough time available, are such a rare resource, this model invites peers of different online-communities. Therefore the author uses, community-supported:

The author invites to explore these links above, as source material for writing/refining appropriate articles here in Meatball or connected Wikis. His Wiki Blog is now fully dedicated to this idea; his updated Impressum in MeatballWiki reflects his main activity as an Internet Author in this sense.

-- FridemarPache


The author just made a pledge of possible 300,000 USD for the founding of the [CommunityWiki:WikiBank]. He offers a percentage of the sale of the top domains [SocialCommonWealth.Com], [SocialCommonWealth.Net], [SocialCommonWealth.Info], [SocialCommonWealth.Biz]

and other domains.


Discussion: moved to SocialCommonWealthTalk

Diigo:[1], TrailFire:[2], Google:SocialCommonWealth, Selfreflexive Potential TwinPages:,[3],[4],[5] TwinPages: [6] (URL is forwarded to the author's blog, taking ca. 2 hours, until the DNS servers are updated.)

<=> [AboutUsOrg] Redirected the URL for current Domain transaction as OpenBusiness use case


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