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Since Google, by introducing its PageRank algorithm to search engines, is largely responsible for the current epidemic of spam, it is reasonable to suppose that truly effective solutions to WikiSpam can only come from Google itself. As well as endearing wikizens and bloggers the world over, any solution would naturally help Google, as currently its PageRanking system is significantly biased by SEO "optimization" techniques. Drawing on MotivationEnergyAndCommunity, the best solution is going to be a highly energetic demotivational weapon: a GoogleBitslap if you will.

Therefore, any attempt to spam any wiki or blog should be rewarded by bit-slapping the PageRank of the intended beneficiaries down to zero. Going further, repeat offenders could find entire clusters of sites slapped out of the top Google spots, with a long period of good behaviour required before the site is reenabled.

If Google were on good terms with other search engines, they could pool their resources and provide a unified front against malicious SEOs. Webmasters will be unlikely to pay for activities that effectively remove their site from the Internet's search engines.

But, aggravated spammers may attempt to subvert the system and cause chaos: instead of promoting their own pages, they spam wikis and blogs with links to their competitors, which then get bitslapped. The best approach, therefore, is to be entirely unpredictable in applying the bitslap. Take a few weeks building up a list, then bitslap it all at once. Wait a few months to prevent subversion, then repeat.

It is also very important to document evidence supporting bitslap decisions, such as snapshots of spammed pages and malicious half-way sites (used to improve the PageRank). Sites must be able to apply for a bitslap to be reversed once they have leashed their spam-hounds, and this evidence will help appraise whether a revert request should be honored. One could even email sites that have been slapped providing said evidence and clearly documenting the reversion process to bring home the message.

WikiSpam will not be solved until the motivation for spamming has been removed.

Authors: ChrisPurcell, StephenGilbert

It's my understanding that Google is diverting more and more of its internal security forces away from counter-SearchEngineOptimization? to combating ClickFraud? of its outbound AdSense? network. Search for them seems to be only relevant as a platform for advertisements, and of course brand management. -- SunirShah

I suspect that they could hire one of the chongqed.org folk to do the footwork. The bitslap approach, being safest when sporadic, is well-adapted to freelance implementation. Cheap at twice the price ;) -- ChrisPurcell



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