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A process where you up you browser and bang away on RandomPages scanning for typos which you correct in situ, without regard for the surrounding context of the page, simplify wording, clear up an introduction to a page, or place a few good subtitles. None of that stodgy mucking about cleaning up just one big page. "Hit and run" means that we are emphasizing small changes now instead of lofty plans of major reworking real soon now.

The key concept is to get into the flow of turning over a handful of pages.

Dig up old issues

This is a good occasion for some PageChurn. It avoids stagnation.

When you get really into it, you'll be HijackingRecentChanges. If done well, this is a good thing for the wiki. It keeps the PageChurn going. The community remembers old issues and takes them up again. Read over the old stuff again, seize opportunities for some real reworking of pages.

Spelling: Typos are minor changes, everything else is not

When you're doing the SpellCheck thing, hide your changes under the CopyEdit tag. If you change the semantics, change phrases, then you are doing real reworking. Let others know about it. We want PeerReview.

Badges, tags, category "todo"

It is a terrible practice to drop "WikiBadge?s" or edit hints all over the site, and it's worse if you hide your little scavenger hunt beneath a veil of MinorEdit. Edit hints never get fixed. Even right now, I am going through and destroying all the references to EditHint for this very reason. For many cases, all I'm doing is replacing the edit hint with CategoryToDo since I figure it's better to have one devil instead of two, but really this is just deferring work until some mystical later. The lethargy of getting around to things "real soon now" is destructive, as cleaning up afterwards is hard. See ReworkingProblems. -- SunirShah

It is better than nothing. An edit hint (or CategoryToDo) is at least like a bug report. Others might not even notice the problem. The trick is to do it in a way that doesn't make the page even more confusing (I say "trick" but I think it usually is achieved). -- BayleShanks

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