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"Wikis are the new blogs!" -- SeanPalmer

First it's a website,

By SeanPalmer and SunirShah.

That may be tongue in cheek and mildly cynical, but is there not some sort of truth behind that? What do you think? -- SunirShah

I am not aware of anything that Microsoft actually initiated; not even Windows, which was based on well estabished 'prior art' from Xerox's PARC, nor its predecessor MS DOS, which I've been told by relatively reliable sources also was. I think this question would attract a much broader (all be it, different) response were it posted at WardsWiki. Is this the type of question that it would make sense to create a (temporary?) sister page for? -- HansWobbe

It's not really charitable to claim Microsoft has done nothing innovative. There really has been no singular acts of true divine creation in the history of humanity. With 25000 engineers, Microsoft actually does do a lot of development work, it's just that no one wants to give them credit. The joke is only funny since it plays into this negative resentment. -- SunirShah

And, of course, with Microsoft's FlexWiki, we've reached the end of the cycle for both wikis and OpenSource... -- StephenGilbert


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