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Welcome Jam in the community of communities. Wouldn't it be nice, having now real Jam sessions on Meatball, as formulated on http://CommunityWiki.org. We can already see your eyes and you mine :-) -- FridemarPache

Thanks Fridemar! Is this the right place to ask questions? Well I'll try :-) I've been reading the WardsWiki articles on Wiki:WikiChangeProposal, and they are incredibly long and rambling. If I want to create an 'executive' summary, can I do it here in MeatBall, by copying quotes from WardsWiki? Or should I submit it to WardsWiki itself? -- JamBaltine

As I am not a lawyer, I can only add my not authoritative view. I would take copies for quotation as "fair use" and bilink source and target, additionally asking for permission. -- FridemarPache

Ok, I've written the brief summary of Wiki:WikiChangeProposal, but it's largely composed of quotations copied from WardsWiki, so I think I'd better save it into Wiki:WcpSummary to avoid copyright issues.

I'm confused about the short term memory of this wiki (as opposed to WikiPedia which remembers everything). Does this mean I cannot look back at the evolution of an old page? And when I tidy up/summarise some information, does the previous full version eventually get discarded? -- JamBaltine

Can I participate if it helps to your last question?. The History is a result of an algorithmic of time and versions. There's no perpetual history starting on the create date. The reason is: "keep" files, where to save the old versions, it's an unique file and a full history could create a very big file. In the other hand, RecentChanges saves all **recent** changes starting on the beginning of the website, but as you can see, "changes" here implies only to page titles, number of changes, some digest, time and date; not for all history (in "backend" there're files with all changes instead of recent changes but they aren't accessible for users); hih. --JuanmaMP

A Meatball-friendly wiki (with many bilinked pages and screenshots) is AboutusOrg. This wiki has a complete version history. -- FridemarPache.
It's basically the same engine than WikiPedia except some tweaks, as far we can see. --JuanmaMP

Jam, welcome. It's great that you have come here. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks Helmut, Juanma, and Fridemar, this is surprisingly good fun. There's certainly a beauty to this wiki's simplicity and I particularly like the third-person digest messages. Without email notifications, I can see dangerous potential for 'RecentChanges addiction' though.

Jam, it's a very subtle thing, what goes on on RecentChanges. You know the pages RecentChangesJunkie, Wiki:RecentChangesJunkie?

Jam, welcome. I'm delighted to have you here. -- NathanielThurston

MeatballWiki has a short memory not because of the limitations of the database, but because of ForgiveAndForget. See KeptPages.

More information here: UseMod:WikiPatches/PermanentRevisionHistory. The source of my previous response was based on this too. Extract:

 "The basic "architecture" of the keep files (used for revision history) is that they are simply sequential dumps of the .db file contents, 
 separated by a  special $FS character sequence. The entire keep file is read into memory when it is used, and then it is split into individual  
 revisions.  This means that the script uses at at least (2 * size-of-keep-file) bytes of memory whenever a page is edited or non-cached diffs 
 are displayed. (In 1.0 there is a setting to limit the maximum size of a keep file--this was required for MeatballWiki.)

 Finally, the "keep file" system is one of the ugliest parts of UseModWiki's design, and I am not very happy with it. Still, it works 
 reasonably well  for most users. --CliffordAdams "




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