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It is not a new page as of yet. I personally am a film buff, especially the dark & intense type films. Makes me wonder what people's favorite films happen to be. I'll get my page of film favs later.

Alcohol is another passion of mine here. No cliched AA crap; just do not intend on it.

Welcome John in Meatball, the community of communities. It would be great, if you could bring in your film knowledge into the MeatballMission. What are the causes of violence and what can we do to overcome these? NonViolence is a core-value of Meatball, so I consider your challenges as a test-case, from which we all ( embracing you ) can learn a lot. -- Fridemar

Hello John, you did a great job in Meatball, with your "destructive edits". Now the time has come to step-up to the next level (hopefully) in the friendly and constructive sense. As you announced in the first line of this page, we are waiting for your film favs. It would be great to point to movies, that we all can watch together and comment on it. I am thinking of [YouTube]. Ok? -- Fridemar

From FridemarPache

This isn't another excuse but I think the sexually repressed George W. Bush is the real "attacker" in that sense of the word. I'm HONESTLY not that sick. Take a look higher up in the US government and decide; that is sick! - JohnPhilip

I try to keep to the rule: "Judge not, that you may not be judged". -- fridemar

from SocialDomaining:

Discussion: Would you people like a serious computer crasher? Give me any indication... -- anon Did somebody crash your computer and you are going to take revenge. Then you met definitely the false target :-) -- fp

(Here was some text, I missed. Something like a fun-feeling and your first smiley. It would cheer me up too, if you rewrote it in your own words. Please don't put the whole burden on my shoulders --fp :) -- anon

Do you mean that is a good PR for you? I doubt this. Some people will report and blacklist these domains to Internet abuse groups. You could use your energies and skills for better thinks imho. -- fp

from WikiSpam:

Dialogue with an anonymous attacker

Dear anon, why did you destroy this page. Add your comments inside please. -- fp Wait...nope? Ain't NOTHIN can be done! -- anon

You replaced this long page with the above comment? You feel a moment of power. With your energies you can develop much more friendly and constructive power. -- fp

click on these links or bust!!!! You all a bunch of fucking deadbeats!!!!! spysheriff . com spyspotter . com Name your virus..... -- anon

Do you mean that is a good PR for you? I doubt this. Some people will report and blacklist these domains to Internet abuse groups. You could use your energies and skills for better things imho. -- fp

from UseRealNames:

Dear unknown, who destroyed the work of this page, I feel you are very angry. I guess, everybody feels angry sometimes. Aren't we not brothers and sisters to help each other out of the mess? -- fridemar

Want to get it started, man? -- anon Yes please name your RealName, based on your owned domain-name in WhoIs?.com, if you have the courage :-) -- fp

from TwinWiki:

Nope, what is cracking, son -- anon

Dear anon, why did you wipe out this page, perhaps we can do each other a better favor, by being friendly and constructive. -- fridemar

Do you got any money? Would you like some six piece nuggets, friend? -- anon Everybody wants to have a decent life. However I wouldn't enjoy to get money by harming other people. Would you? -- fp

Drinks n vodka allow for the sweetest times! Make everybody lose control today. -- anon (Philip?) Vodka is not a problem solver but more a troublemaker imho -- fp

from WikiBankOpenNegotiation:

we got the tim -- anon

I suppose, you have time en masse to play the game of destruction. You are aware, that we only have a short time to live, before our bodies get destructed. What about helping us each other to enjoy our life in a less destructive way. -- fp

( Please insert your original message here --fp ) -- anon

I am waiting for a civilized dialogue with you. I am sure you can. -- fp

Welcome to MeatballWiki John Philip. You surely know how to get our attention. I'm glad that you joined the discussion and can add to it from a fresh point of view. -- RadomirDopieralski

Welcome to MeatballWiki, John. What about using your UserName, when you post. This signals to me, that you are now an accepted and appreciated member with great courage and potential. You are free to delete all the earlier stuff on your Homepage, that might harm your image. -- FridemarPache



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