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JustinKao is trying to simultaneously learn Perl and come up with a WikiLog / GeneralWikiLog that isn't a kludgy hybrid.

I'd like to build a sort of online gathering place for a small group of friends. It seems like wikis are't very conducive to transient items or conversations, while blogs are a little too undemocratic and rigid for my taste. Right now I am working on extending Wiki:CgiWiki, with the idea that it would be easier to make a wiki "toolkit" do what I want than try to start from scratch or modify an existing wiki or blog program.

Hi, Justin. Have you looked at PeriPeri? I have added 'blogging to it in (I believe) a unique way; perhaps the ideas will be useful to you. (PeriPeri:RSSFeeds) -- ChrisPurcell

Welcome to MeatballWiki! Have you seen DigestedChanges? I want to build such a thing and see if it doesn't create an elegant WikiLog solution. -- SunirShah

Thanks guys. I'm busy with midterms at the moment, but a few first impressions and comments... Re: PeriPeri (PageClusters? FacetWiki?), I'm not too clear on the details but would it be accurate to describe the approach as classifying pages with keywords/categories/topics and using these to both sidestep namespace issues and automatically build specialized RecentChanges pages (PageClusters)? It seems pretty nifty. Re: DigestedChanges, is the CategorizedEdit the key idea to this? -- JustinKao


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