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An IndexingScheme that lists the least recently edited pages first. The idea is to promote PageChurn by bringing older content to the front.


I predict the following outcomes:

-- SunirShah

I think there is some merit in this, especially if it were implemented in the manner like Random Pages rather than the list of all Recent Changes, which might help avoid the problems Sunir has noted. I have had excellent results applying this type of an approach to things like Accounts Receivable where I look at the Largest and Oldest items since looking at the oldest two or three items enforces what some programmers would call 'garbage collection'.

Unless someone objects, I may use this feature to try "to catch" up by starting at the other end of the recent changes and perhaps adding comments that I thik are appropriate updates.

It might even be interesting to add a link to this page to a more prominent page that other newcommers would find, since it might also appeal to other that also want to catch up as part of joining this community.

By the way, I find it interesting that the vandalism and its reversions are what is bringing these interesting pages to my attention as a relative newcommer. --HansWobbe

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