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I'm Lee Davis-Thalbourne, an undergraduate student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. While my actual studies are somewhat irrelevant to my presence here, my studies do feed directly into my general hobbies, that is, trying to understand what are commonly called Communities, especially OnlineCommunities. I'm not sure I'll be a full member of this community, [Cara Membuat Makalah]but I am here to learn, which I guess is the most important thing, really.

I currently run [Deiludum], which is an attempt to plug the concept of roleplaying into the wiki environment. It's a tad crude and a little young, but it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Welcome to MB! Deiludum sounds like a new (and interesting) attack on creating a WikiStory. I hope you'll share your experiences with us here. -- ChrisPurcell

When I have some experiences, I will be happy to share them! The site is barely a month old, so it's kinda still in the formative stages of the WikiLifeCycle. Still, I have high hopes for it. If only I could shed my distaste for self-publicity... -- LeeDavisThalbourne

Lee, welcome. Beautiful concept. -- HelmutLeitner

My professor, Jason Nolan, who maintains the LambdaMOO archive would be enraptured with this project. Very cool. -- SunirShah

An interesting question, to those that are watching: Have people heard of WikiGames?? In particular, games that use WikiEngine's as the canvas for their game. I've only heard of one, and that would be the [Lexicon] Game (though you [Tips Nembak Cewek]''' could almost consider it a WikiStory). Considering many of you have been in the greater Wiki community longer than I have, I thought I'd ask...

http://www.rockmonkey.org.uk/WikiGames has a long list of wiki games. They have written a WikiGameToolkit?.

Nomic and wiki go together; e.g. [NomicWiki].

SenseisWiki? for Go.

Wikipedia games: [1] [2] [3]

Wiki RPGs: [Ghyll] http://gpwiki.org/index.php/Wiki_RPG [Deiludum]

''Wiki TextAdventure?s. From the folks at NBTSC: http://community.nbtsc.org/wiki/TextAdventure. [Choose your own adventure spike] http://www.dillfrog.com/games/rejoinder/

And um, http://www.webzengames.com/Game/Wiki/default.asp ;) -- SunirShah

You also should check out the [IFWiki]. It's a wiki for the InteractiveFiction? communtity (see WikiPedia:Interactive_fiction for a primer; we used to call them text adventure games :). I don't know if they've discussed doing IF on a wiki, but that would be the place to ask about it if you're interested. -- StephenGilbert



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