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Sunir is considering setting a goal of rebasing Meatball on http://www.bibdex.com. Let's have a discussion about it.




Addressable concerns

This change would be significant culturally. At least, I hope it would.

I personally came to a point years ago where I felt WikiCulture is not as interesting as Meatball itself. I left this place to be itself, but it has withered. I'd like to adapt Meatball to get it back to a place where it is a repository of high quality knowledge about how to operate human organizations through technology. The mandate was to last 50 years or more, so the only way forward is to change. -- SunirShah

Thanks Sunir. #vote:1 - Not a lot of time, but enthusiast to test and maintain the old index LangueFrançaise. -- ChristopheDucamp

The nice thing about Bibdex is that it has the notion of groups and subscriptions. Right now the French and English pages seem to be fighting for attention, but Bibdex could enhance both. There is no reason why meatballwiki-fr should not be more vibrant than meatballwiki-en. -- SunirShah


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