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"That's it, I figured. I'm going to build a community. Not only that, a community that builds communities. And damn us if we don't change the world." -- SunirShah [1]

"Work more on MeatballOutreach projects." & "Recreate Meatball to be useful." -- from MeatballToDo

Meatball should seek to create and maintain healthy relationships with other OnlineCommunities. There are a lot of different OnlineCommunities now, and I think most would like to know that a place exists dedicated to both BarnRaising and the discussion of meta-community issues, MeatBall's raison d'ĂȘtre. Why not actively reach out and let other OnlineCommunities know that MeatballWiki is here not to compete with, but rather to support their OnlineCommunities and project?. MeatballWiki should seek to be the town square of TheGreaterWikidom?, to provide a warm place for meta-dialogue about OnlineCommunities. This is what needs to be cultivated, a central place where all are welcome to discover, discuss and share patterns of and for community.


See also CurrentWikidomProblems
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