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A WikiConsultant helps clients use wikis: Setting up wikis, editing content, organizing pages, caring for users. A WikiMaster for hire.

re: Compensation. (well, you brought it up) On the other hand, HelmutLeitner has a commercial wikihosting service. His is in German, so there might be an opportunity for you to create one in English if you ask him nicely enough. Alternatively, that might be a decent method for Meatball to be self-sufficient, although before I go that route I want to read more about creating a NonProfit corporation. Or I might be selfish enough to try making some money for myself in order to pay for all of this. I mean, as it stands I owe The Cliff an entire beer factory, so I might need some capital in order to make that happen. ;) -- SunirShah

Sunir, thinking about this further, leads me to believe that a use mod farm, that includes set up, security and coaching or outright editing, is a viable gig for skilled folk. (you, others here) I seriously think it could work, levels of expense: set up fee; consulting fee, for coaching and/or editing; update fee and/or "schedule" ; hosting fee... can we start putting numbers to this stuff? --MarkDilley

I'm using an OddMuse wiki farm on emacswiki.org -- I upload the new code, visit an URL, and that moves some files around so that all the wrapper scripts (wiki.pl, alex.pl, emacs.pl, emacs-fr.pl, oddmuse.pl, oddmuse-fr.pl, oddmuse-zh.pl, etc.) use the new script. Setting up a new script takes a few minutes, with basic config file that makes about half an hour. -- AlexSchroeder

alex.pl? -- JerryMuelver
My homepage is a wiki on the same server. -- AlexSchroeder

I've had several successful project documentation contracts, extracting specs from engineers and processing them through tech writers into online software support systems and training modules. The first step is always to set up an intranet or extranet wiki -- on a skunkworks server if necessary -- to unhinge participants from email dependence and MS Word and PowerPoint bad habits. Typical fees are (U.S. upper MidWest) $60/hr for production (writing) tasks, $125/hr (4-hour minimum) for classroom indoctrination and instruction tasks, which is about the going rate for consulting or agency-contract work for Big Corporations. Projects have ranged from $6000 for setup-and-get-running to $240,000 for year-long product development and launch. Mom and Pop operations (single location, maybe a dozen or so computers) in the North Woods can induce me to work for $40/hr. I'm in the process of building a wiki-based office productivity suite, including some simple database functions. If I can't do it with a wiki, I don't do it at all. -- JerryMuelver

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