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MeatballWikiFeatures are created when a MeatballWikiSuggestion? gets implemented. If you don't find the feature you are looking for here, you can suggest it be added on MeatballWikiSuggestions.

<tt> tag

It would be nice if you could support either the <tt></tt> tag pair explicitly or when you encounter an inline <pre></pre> tag pair, replace them with <tt></tt> tags. By inline, I mean in the middle of a line, as opposed to the old way when we had to put them on lines by themselves, flushed left. This would allow putting monospaced text in the middle of sentences, which is useful when discussing code.

But ignoring that [the FilteredHtmlWiki discussion], could you please do the <tt> tag? ;) I realized that it is not the same as the <pre> tag technically speaking, as whitespace is still condensed (s/\s+/ /).

By the way, if you can think of good WikiSyntax for <tt>, please do speak up. -- SunirShah

MoinMoin uses {{{ }}} for code displays, and I'll add a rule shortly that if the markup is on one line, it'll be an inline typewriter span.

I'd rather not add more special wiki-only markup. Special wiki markup is good when it makes common things easy, but this kind of text probably won't be common. (A wiki focusing on programming might have other needs.)

The <tt> tag is now added to Meatball. Here is a test tt tag with some text in the middle of a paragraph. --CliffordAdams

Thanks, Cliff.

Much later... Now that I am working on UseModWiki 2.0, I'm not so sure what the correct behaviour should be for inline <pre/>s. For now, I'm ignoring the problem and hope that it goes away. Quite frankly, I disdain using HTML tags in the markup. -- SunirShah

Preserve data between Previews (fixed)

When you click Preview, you lose the data you placed in the summary and MinorEdit fields. You can easily pass this information along to the preview page. This way, the ordering of the widgets makes sense. First the summary, then MinorEdit, then Preview, then Save. (Of course, you should switch the Preview and Save around).

This will go on the list for 0.90. I'm not sure about switching preview and save, however. Does anyone else have an opinion I can cheerfully ignore? :-) --ca

Show previous author in diff (revision link added)

Show the author of the change in the diff view. Beats having to search through MeatBall:action=rc&all=1&days=99999.

Do you mean the most current author (who is responsible for the change), or the previous author (before the change)? The previous (non-current) author is not kept in the database--only the page text is stored.

Who made the change.

I've considered adding a "history of this page" link somewhere (perhaps after the edit link), which would show all the RecentChanges log entries for the current page. This could also be useful for deciding when a discussion is inactive, and thus ripe for refactoring. --CliffordAdams (The "View other revisions" link was added in 0.90.)

Much later... I think I'll do this in 2.0. -- SunirShah



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