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If you edit your preferences, there is an option to add "Random Page" to the link bar. This will present you with a random page from MeatballWiki's PageDatabase. If you don't want to add it to your link bar, you can also just use the URL


RandomPage is useful for promoting PageChurn and for breaking down orphaned pages and groups of pages.

Contrast RandomPages, which is a small sample of random pages. Everyone sees the same sample of pages, which is regenerated periodically. By contrast, if ten people go to RandomPage, they'll get ten different sets of pages.

A form of SerendipitousNavigation.


After going through the PageDatabase dredging up interesting things for an unrelated project, I've begun to realize just how much of the site I have forgotten. Currently, in May 2003, it is nearing 2200 pages. I used to know all the pages, but after travelling I have forgotten a lot of them. I'm starting to think that it's important that TheCollective do something akin to AccumulatedRandomWalk. Everyone should visit a RandomPage a day and read it. That way, the PageDatabase's scope remains within the CollectiveIntelligence. Alternatively, perhaps we should have RandomPages here on MeatballWiki, which can act like a "Book of the Month" club. MeatballWiki's PageDatabase is hardly as noisy as WikiWiki's. -- SunirShah

Perhaps RandomPage should exclude everything marked as CategoryHomePage?

Personal pages are quite valuable, especially in the areas of rough ideas and pointers to external web sites. It's also interesting to stumble across information about former contributors. -- StephenGilbert

Less valuable than other pages in the database, though, so it makes the SignalToNoiseRatio worse, at least for me. --MartinHarper

Random websites

It would be interesting and trivial to have a service that chose one at random. Many WebRings have random links. Yahoo has long since dropped their random link. Are there any for the OpenDirectory??


MetaWiki lets you choose a page at random from the wikis in it: http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?random=all


via blo.gs: http://blo.gs/random.php

via weblogs.com: http://subhonker6.userland.com/rcsPublic/randomRecent

via [Blogwise] (right column)

via [Obscure weblogs]: http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=obscurelogs;action=rand

Blogger: http://www.blogger.com/redirect/next_blog.pyra

Xanga: http://www.xanga.com/Random.aspx

LiveJournal: http://www.livejournal.com/random.bml



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