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From the website...

The Semantic Web is a vision: the idea of having data on the Web defined and linked in a way that it can be used by machines not just for display purposes, but for automation, integration and reuse of data across various applications. In order to make this vision a reality for the Web, supporting standards, technologies and policies must be designed to enable machines to make more sense of the Web, with the result of making the Web more useful for humans. Facilities and technologies to put machine-understandable data on the Web are rapidly becoming a high priority for many communities. For the Web to scale, programs must be able to share and process data even when these programs have been designed totally independently. The Web can reach its full potential only if it becomes a place where data can be shared and processed by automated tools as well as by people.

The definitive non-technical intro : http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=00048144-10D2-1C70-84A9809EC588EF21

-- DannyAyers

OK. So the idea of the semantic web starts where I write scripts that grab weather information from the National Weather Service (my first use of LWP), goes through things like DaveWiner's XmlRpc and beyond. OK. I searched through TimBernersLee's book, WeavingTheWeb, trying to find a good definition of the SemanticWeb. I should've checked the W3C website instead. Silly rabbit. --DaveJacoby

I spend most of my time working on the SemanticWeb, so eventually I got around to creating a resource, i.e. an anthology of the best SW sites: http://infomesh.net/swr/ There are a fair few introductions to the SW, but being a SWAG WG member, I'd have to favour the SWAG one (he, he) http://purl.org/swag/WhatIsSW -- SeanPalmer

What's the login and password?

Here's a good article comparing and contrasting [Topic Maps, RDF, OIL, and DAML]. I read about halfway through.



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