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The OpenDirectoryProject includes a [Computers/Software/Groupware/Wiki] category.

That category includes:

Some wiki enthusiasts have built similar lists using wiki software:

Some wiki enthusiasts have suggested periodically submitting a "wiki-built list" (perhaps one of the above) to the current editor of the OpenDirectoryProjectWikiCategory. Some wiki enthusiasts have gone even further, suggesting that the editor should have faith in the "wiki process" ((FIXME: reference link?)) and use a script to blindly copy that "wiki-built list" directly into the Open Directory Wiki Category. (There shouldn't be any difference between what that editor thinks *should* be in the Open Directory Wiki Category, and that "wiki-built list". If there *is* a difference, the editor can make improvements using the normal Wiki editing process, eliminating any differences, just before running the script).

From 2004-07-01 to 2005-08-16, when he was ejected without explanation, EarleMartin was the editor of the [Computers/Software/Groupware/Wiki] category of DMoZ.

See ODPWikiArchive for earlier discussions.

Absorb just a category? How about absorb the whole directory? Take a look at TrulyOpenDirectory and let me know what you think. -- GarnetR

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