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Moved from OpenDirectoryProjectWikiCategory. Delete if unuseful.

Regarding the OneBigWiki...

On a related note, I think it would be an interesting project for Meatball to acquire control of the OpenDirectoryProject wiki category and then use something like FileReplacement to make it community edited. -- SunirShah

that's a good idea. should we all apply, or should we select someone with a good chance of getting it? (i'd rather not apply myself as i have my hands full right now). -- BayleShanks

(December 9, 2002) I've asked both category editors, FlorianKonnertz and UseMod:AdamBrate, about maintaining the category here via our FileReplacement mechanism, and they both have been supportive. Now we have the technical challenge of doing it. I don't know if it would be better if I applied to be an editor or not. It might be easier to maintain the code, but I don't really have much desire to take "control" of the category. -- SunirShah

Hi Sunir, any news from your DMoZ idea? Do you mean (take control), you want to become an editor additionally to us to make it happen? Is there a page where it is explained futher? - FlorianKonnertz

I haven't tried to apply yet, actually. I don't want to steal anyone's thunder, and I don't really care to be a DMOZ editor. I'd rather just implement something like the PublicallyEditableInterMap and then let whomever wants to take charge take charge. I'm worried though that the technical problems may require a more "involved" role, i.e. I'd have to join the project. Really, I think that I just need to understand how you "edit" a category, Florian, from a technical point of view. -- SunirShah

What do you need to know? I want to help, i like the idea of a PublicallyEditableInterMap. I don't know if i have the required role to do this changes. Have you already contacted the more involved dmoz-people, or shall i do this? -- FlorianKonnertz

Simply put, I need access. I can't code anything without understanding the protocol. -- SunirShah

I gonna contact the responsible people when i can find the time. -- FlorianKonnertz

Well, this went nowhere, so I applied to be an editor of the wiki category and I was subsequently rejected. Perhaps I can ask the community here to give me a hand. Then again, maybe I should first ask DMoZ to have functional servers, goddammit.

-- SunirShah

Ok then, let's work on your application: SunirsOdpApplication

[Thoughts about WorldWideWiki:OneBigWiki?]

I'd inhale the WorldWideWiki:OneBigWiki. The point isn't to annhilate or compete with that project, but to subvert DMoZ. "Adam"'s larger goal is to dismantle the wizard system. My goal is to increase the visibility of wikis, and to remand control of anything wiki to the wiki community.

I would hope that it be satisfying when that day comes. -- Best, MarkDilley

The discussion that follows about Florian and Adam being "removed" is inaccurate. I later learned that both of their accounts has simply been inactive for a certain period of time, and were put in stasis. My apologies for jumping to conclusions. -- StephenGilbert

I noticed something disturbing yesterday. It seems that Florian and Adam are no longer editors of the [wiki category]. Also, Adam used to edit the [open content encyclopedias category], which is also without an editor now. Can anyone confirm if they've been dumped? -- StephenGilbert

Both have timed out ( http://dmoz.org/guidelines/accounts.html#inactive ) and UseMod:AdamBrate has already been reinstated (Public pages are lagging behind). FlorianKonnertz has not yet requested to be reinstated.

Upon further investigation, it seems Adam's [profile page] still lists him as editor of both categories, even though the categories themselves do not. Odd. -- StephenGilbert

Other things being equal, this is how ODP removes editors -- i.e., no notice whatsoever to the parties affected, who are thereafter left wondering why they can no longer log in to do their editing work. (See "Life After the Open Directory Project" < http://www.traffick.com/story/06-2000-xodp.asp >.) I have no doubt that both of the editors in question have been fired; their profiles will remain unaffected, as mine has for the last three years. (See < http://dmoz.org/profiles/netesq.html >.) -- DavidPrenatt

well, maybe eventually we should fork ODP and make a wikified version. Not a project I have time for now, though. -- BayleShanks

Fear of project forking is exactly why ODP's software was never released under an open source/free software license. In any event, an ODP fork is not necessary, nor is it desirable. It would be much easier to start from scratch with a truly open content/free content license using truly open source/free software. And truth be told, one need not publish a comprehensive Web directory; one need only publish his or her own collection of links. On that note, would-be editors of ODP's Wiki category would be well-advised to boycott the purportedly OpenDirectoryProject and establish their own truly open directory. -- DavidPrenatt

After reading about the headache called OPD, my sentiments exactly. Why can't WorldWideWiki:OneBigWiki suffice? In other words, what is it exactly that makes a wiki for wikis problematic? -- MarkDilley

I think WorldWideWiki:OneBigWiki will certainly suffice. -- BayleShanks

The main point of the project is to inject some SoftSecurity into the ODP, using the wiki category as an entry point, not to correct "problems" with the OneBigWiki idea. However, it seems Adam and Florian have been dumped from the ODP because of their association with this effort. Unless we intend to be dishonest, it may be impossible to get this past the ODP GodKings. -- StephenGilbert

ODP's GodKings are smugly complacent, if they are anything, making an honest challenge to ODP's openness a virtual impossibility from the inside. At the same time, ODP is nowhere near as important as some people seem to think it is. Why feed this demon? -- DavidPrenatt

I agree. Given that the ODP likely sees this as a hostile act, despite our good intentions, I think we should put our efforts into other projects. OneBigWiki is more important than the dmoz wiki category. -- StephenGilbert

Um, given that wiki and the ODP have different styles and mechanisms, I don't think making them act the same way is possible... or preferable. --anon.

Agreed. What makes you think that anyone was trying to do that? -- StephenGilbert


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