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TourBus information record:
 name: The Open Guide to London
 tour bus stop URL: http://london.openguides.org/index.cgi?TourBusStop
 host and e-mail:
 language: English
 mission: to collaboratively document London, England
 wiki-software (clone) used: OpenGuides
 geographical location: London, England
 neighbourhood: not quite sure
 date of birth:  6 February 2002
 pages/homepages: about 1800/30
 open or closed: open
 tour connections / current: none
 date of last update (this template): 2 January 2004

Update: as of March 18 2005, there are 2,467 nodes on the OpenGuideToLondon and 40 homepages (although there are a few people who don't bother having a homepage).

Welcome London! Really beautiful work - I feel your site will become a great wiki! I'll put a PHYSICAL-COMMUNITY-TOUR on our task list at BusRouteDiscussion. Please look at the other routes and tell me which place (or places) you would feel comfortable with, I'll look too. Thank you for the other hints. -- HelmutLeitner

Hi Helmut - thanks very much! I picked PHYSICAL-COMMUNITY-TOUR because there already was one on BusRouteDiscussion - scroll down to just before the Discussion section starts and you'll see it. CITY-COMMUNITY-TOUR is a nice idea, though, and might fit more (with [YpsilantiEyeball] being an obvious connection; the Madison Area Peace Coalition seems to be a different sort of thing). Also, I think it would fit well in the INTERNATIONAL-WIKI-TOUR. Cheers -- EarleMartin.

Thanks, I didn't remember that. I'll fix that. You be on PHYSICAL-COMMUNITY-TOUR as soon as one is started. IWT is also ok with me. What position would you prefer? -- HelmutLeitner

Between TolkienWiki and KmWiki seems about right. Thanks again -- EarleMartin

2004-05-19: Any news on PHYSICAL-COMMUNITY-TOUR? I don't mind coordinating it. Seems like WikiTravel would be another good candidate. -- EarleMartin

Earle, I think it would be absolutely fabulous if you wanted to be the driver of that tour!! Go ahead and start setting it up! :-) I have a bunch of wiki that may fit it, I will submit them to you when appropriate. However I do think the Madison Area Peace wiki does fit this tour, curious as to your thoughts on why it is different. Best, MarkDilley

Mark, I'd be happy to - and TOURISM-TRAVEL-COMMUNITY-TOUR as well, too. As to Madison, I was thinking of a tour for wikis about places, which TOURISM-TRAVEL-COMMUNITY seems to cover, so Madison's fine for PHYSICAL-COMMUNITY-TOUR. Cheers! -- EarleMartin



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