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OrphanedPages on a Wiki are a list of pages that don't have any links to them. Optionally, you can only consider ForwardLinks, ignoring BackLinks entirely.

A list of orphaned pages would be useful because orphaned pages are often forgotten.

Sometimes large subgraphs are left sitting disconnected from the main mass of pages. To see these on MeatBall, use http://sunir.org/meatball/path.html (which does ShortestPathPages), displaying non-orphaned pages grouped by subgraph (scroll to the bottom of the list to see the isolated subgraphs).

This is a kind of IndexingScheme.

For WikiWiki, try http://c2.com/cgi/orphanWikiPages.

[August 19, 2000]

I have implemented this for MeatballWiki:


You can also exclude pages that have BackLinks to them by passing in the backlinks parameter:


The source code is available at http://sunir.org/src/meatball/IndexingSchemes.

-- SunirShah

Arguably no page is truly orphaned because they can all be found by searching. Then again, some people might argue that searching doesn't count. Then again, why shouldn't searching count? -- DaveHarris

wow, there's a lot of orphans at MeatBall! I guess that means either those pages are "dying" or that the hierarchial topic guide type pages are incomplete. -- BayleShanks

hello, SunirShah, please, where is exactly the source code for orphans? i didnĀ“t find in http://sunir.org/src/meatball/IndexingSchemes. -- [JuanmaMP]




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