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As for the name, completely general names like "PleaseReadMe?" are probably not a good idea. I had a similar problem trying to find a name for Wiki:ChangeSummary. I found the best way to choose a wiki name was to list all the main words I wanted to describe, then select two or three of the most important words. What are the important ideas of the page?

Reasonably soon I hope to add page deletion and renaming so that choosing names doesn't have to be so difficult. (If you get it wrong, you'll be able to have the name changed.) In the meantime, perhaps a page like PageNameSuggestions would be a good idea? People who want suggestions for names could describe their idea and ask for community suggestions. (If someone likes this idea, please create the page, and I'll fill it in.) -- CliffordAdams

Good idea. The more pages a WikiForum has, the better the chance that an appropriate WikiName exists and the better the chance, that the appropriate name can be found by suggesting it here. In praxis we could have the proposed page name as a subpage of PageNameSuggestions. If the appropriate name is found, then the preliminary content moves to the 'final' WikiName and the intermediary WikiName is deleted or renamed. -- FridemarPache

There is another problem with CamelCase restricted WikiNames. If you take Ward's idea of Wiki:LiterateProgramming seriously, then arbitrary strings should be allowed.
See my comment at the end of [WikiBase:WikiInHyperPerl]. I deliberately used 'arbitrary', because programs in Wiki:ForthLanguage use words like 'R>' for procedure names. A program to be collaboratively discussed and developed in a WikiForum (not necessarily a CommunityProgrammableWiki) gives automatically rise to PageNameSuggestions, that can't be accommodated in CamelCase. -- FridemarPache (Just recovered a vandalized page by an an archive page, as a general technique to recover pages. This makes investments in good Page Names even more valuable).

Actually, the best way to come with with a good name for something is in context from where you are linking from. Talk about it for awhile and then someone will click the question mark and get on with it. Typically, the conversation goes like,

We should probably move this discussion to another page, like CowsEatsGrass. -- FredFlinstone

Well, we may be talking about grass right now, but don't cows eat other things? And "cow" isn't the right term. How about CattleDiet? -- BarneyRubble

click. --> new page.

If you don't have appropriate context, look harder! You can probably find something. Or maybe your namepage. Or think harder. It's not all that difficult to come up with a good name. -- SunirShah


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