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Hello, my name is Patrick Anderson, but you must spell it PatrickAnderson until we begin using a PlainLink or PlainTextWiki?.

I would like my contributions to be locked open under the GNU AGPL. Let me know if that is not ok.

My Emacs stuff is at http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/PatrickAnderson

My main homepage is http://patware.FreeShell.org


Patrick, welcome. -- HelmutLeitner
Welcome Patrick in MeatballWiki, the community of communities. We are already in interaction on CreatingAndSharingWealth. I hope that it is friendly, constructive and useful as possible for all of us. If I understand you right, it is ok to have all our common page-contributions be open for WikiBlogging? It goes without saying, that if you have a blog, you have the same permissions for WikiBlogging, you gave the other wikizens here. -- FridemarPache
Thanks guys.

Fridemar, you ask if it is ok to have all our common page-contributions be open for WikiBlogging.

Since some humans will lock life and thought closed to hold them against the community for profit, I must take the stance of CopyLeft over anything that I may ever have supposed ownership over in the virtual realm, and plan also to apply PropertyLeft? to all physical material that I hold public once such a Trade Agreement is ready to be used as an inter-owner contract that will lock free the Mass and Energy required to host the virtual materials of software, mechanical design, genetics, poems, music, video, ideas, etc. Such an arrangement is beneficial to those who expect to be paid for trading labor, and is only a problem for those who intend to exact wealth from others through artificial scarcity.

Patrick, yes, you will be surprised, that I agree with you [LockingLifeAndThoughtForProfit] is not a good strategy for building a prospering [SocialCommonWealth], that deserves the name. We all know, that in an economy, based on markets, scarcity and filling the gap is key to [CreatingWealth]. What is the most innocent kind of scarcity, you can imagine? You name it: [DomainNames], so let's unlock design, software, poems, music, video, ideas, relevant to [OnlineCommunities] by the [ProtoPattern], the author is building: [DevelopGoodsAndServicesTogetherAsOpenBusinessPaidByTradingAssociatedDomainNames]. This is at the same time a test, how long Tags, can be for the [GoogleEngine]. DiiGo supports [LongTags] with maximal 255 chars and as Hans knows from our hefty work in the [DiigoForum], Diigo providers will probably support [MixedCaseTags] in their next-gen [DiigoEngine]. The author is just preparing another practical example for all peers here in MeatballWiki and beyond. [MayAllBeHappy]. -- [fridemar]



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