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A jargon term for jargon-heavy phrases combined with vague terms. Endemic to postmodern lit-crit, as well as a fair amount of WikiCulture when the discussion turns to Wiki qua Wiki. Any phrase that uses "recontextualize" is probably PhilosoBabble.

See WordMagic when applied to single words. Ironically, PhilosoBabble is also WordMagic.

Around here, we use ContextSwizzling.

PostModernists believed that communication is imperfect, and therefore impossible, which is a horrendous logical fallacy. Yet, while everyone with a real job recognizes that accurate, effective, clear, concise, interesting communication is a difficult life skill that needs constant development, post-modernists decided to bend the other way and make the most obscure, difficult to read communication as an exercise in demonstrating how bad communication to be. Not a very useful nor insightful discovery or demonstration, but one that is heavily paid for by our academic granting boards. -- SunirShah

I note with some dismay that searching this wiki for "recontextualize" returns four other pages besides this one. ;-) -- StephenGilbert


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