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The RefugeeRole is that of a user who formerly was active in another community (wiki or not) but who has chosen to participate on this wiki in search of "a little peace and quiet". Some communities tend to generate refugees and some tend to absorb them.

For example, many believe that [the English Wikipedia] burns some participants out, and many believe that [Commons] is a less stressful place to contribute positively, recuperate and perhaps gird one's loins for return to the fray?

The RefugeeRole is one of the kinds of CategoryRole

Thoughts? -- LarryPieniazek (who sometimes is a refugee at Commons when en:wp gets too hectic

All too often, I find that a wiki I once found interesting has gone offline. Would you consider the people that used to gather there as "refugees" ? ( For example, the people involved in [Rescue your wiki] ). It would be nice if thouse people could somehow find each other on some other wiki, using their RightToFork to try to re-capture some of the WordMagic, and continue their discussion. -- DavidCary

-- HansWobbe.


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