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Hi there. I run Kuro5hin.org (http://www.kuro5hin.org/), which here has been slightly mangled to KuroShin to fit the local constraints. Thanks to Clifford for reducing the manglage factor :-)

Welcome to wiki--I hope you enjoy it in your "vast amount of spare time".

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3/05/2001: PeerToPeerJournalism

I just posted a "hello" and a screed about how "PeerToPeerJournalism" as a concept and a descriptor, should be deprecated, in favor of "CollaborativeMedia?". We'll see how it goes over.

Anyway, mostly this post is to alert people who may have missed the story on KuroShin (http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory&sid=2001/3/2/165617/2269) that there's a PeerToPeerJournalism list, info at http://lists.infoanarchy.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/p2pj. A mailing list for such a web-centric concept? Well sometimes the old ways are the best ways. :-)

12/15/2000: WikiHelp??

I'm thinking that it might work to set up a Wiki to act as the K5 help system. I'm basically too busy to write better docs myself, and there are plenty of people with enough site knowlege to do so, if only they could. I don't see any good reason that it couldn't work, as long as it bore a caveat like "This is an open, user-created help system, and may or may not be accurate." That could be pretty cool. I may have to grab one of these things and try it out.

Any advice on which one is "best"? It has to be perl, is my only requirement. Otherwise, I know there are different flavors of Wiki. What's the low-down on which one does what?

Which one is "best"? That's an easy question... :-) The other Perl-based wiki I'd take a look at is TWiki at http://twiki.org/. It has quite a few features, but I don't care for some of the choices (like using server authentication rather than cookies, allowing Javascript on pages (see RawHtmlWiki)), and using a very different set of markup rules. Other than that, it's well worth looking at. --CliffordAdams

Personally, by the way, I prefer UseModWiki, and not just for the obvious reasons. I think TWiki fails to get the wiki philosophy, like SoftSecurity and FeatureKarma. But, it is an excellent groupware application, which is really its intended audience. I don't know any other wiki engines in Perl that are worth considering. -- SunirShah (P.S. Welcome to MeatballWiki; if I wasn't dying from exams I'd have been a bit quicker and most hospital. By the way, care to discuss your dinner with Lessig?)

Two more thoughts:

12/14/2000: Web Fatigue

Ok, I had to vent. Thank you. :-)


(Delete at will) Re: DefineRecursive. Some people have even gone so far as to implement choose-your-own-adventure games in wikis. My own personal favorite would be the Magritte-esque CeciNEstPasUnePage, but I've never had the courage to create such a page in any wiki, mostly since it wouldn't be considered very on-topic. :-) You can see lots of wiki-style humor (and, unfortunately, crudeness) at EverythingTwo, which is sort of a heavily corrupted wiki for the masses. PS: Welcome to MeatBall! -- ScottMoonen (wondering why we feel something like CeciNEstPasUnePage is so cool in wiki, when we can just as easily create a plain vanilla web page to say that)

Moved from WikiLog...

Would the original author of this page care to sign it? Interesting thoughts. It would be a shame not to attribute them.

Sorry, Sunir, I thought it would be obvious. ;-) Also, the initial revision was tagged by me in the RecentChanges. --RustyFoster

Wikis are persistent, so RecentChanges is inconsequential to the actual content. Also, the current context of the wiki makes no sense to a reader two years from now. So, while we know you are writing here now, that may not be true of future readers, or even current readers not aware of what's going on. That's why in journalism they always reiterate the basics of the story even though everyone knows the U.S. federal election was @#$%ed up, say. To paraphrase WardCunningham, you can at best and at worst assume the reader has read the current page. --ss

Wait a minute now, I thought identity wasn't important? Or rather, that it was, but that TotallyAnonymous? was just as acceptable as RealName? I'm still confused on the real names policy, but that's a topic for anther page. --RyderPMoses?

Identity and ego are related, but not equal. Credit and encouragement are also important. Also, on WikiLog, you wrote it heavily first person (i.e. "I" and "me" and "my"), so I figured it would be good to attach a signature to it. --ss

Another factor is that for that particular page, the authorship does make a difference. Like it or not, you're one of the "experts" on weblogs, so it makes a difference that you're presenting the idea. On the other hand, sometimes it's fun to pretend to be "just another user", and not the ultimate example of authoritative greatness. :-) --CliffordAdams

Congratulations on KuroShin's anniversary! -- SunirShah

Thank you, WikiMaster. ;-) --RustyFoster

(deadpan.) There are no WikiMasters. --ss

The first rule of the WikiMaster: never talk about the wiki master ;-)


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