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Discussion of SlideWiki

Thank you Chris for adding the "challenging" Disadvantages part, giving me the opportunity to expand the argumentation:

The initiating author opened this separate OverflowPage for discussion of the SlideWiki concept, at the same time giving a living example of the concept.

There are corresponding concepts:

One problem is that there is no given slide size with HTML. -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you Helmut,

-- FridemarPache

<= SlideWiki

What's the advantage over a page with an appropriately-sized amount of DocumentMode at the top, and overflow further down? The only difference seems to me to be that the overflow is accessed via the scroll bar on one, and via a link (and then a scroll bar if long) on the other; they both have the text AboveTheFold. If all that's on the overflow page is a list of credits, I can see some point, but why not just a simple contributors list on the page? c.f. AttachedEgo

Alternatively, if the hidden-text idea is useful, why not take a leaf out of LiveJournal, and let the user mark text as hidden-by-default (lj-cuts)? This keeps all the related text together on one edit page, easing refactoring. -- ChrisPurcell

Hi Chris,

I submit that the simpler technological option — cuts — coupled with a CommunityExpectation would be just as effective as, and more flexible than, a hard-coded TwinWiki design. In general, the simpler and more flexible the better — you may find other page design patterns fall neatly out of a more flexible approach. -- ChrisPurcell


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