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See http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/TocAndReportGeneration for a concept to have a "wiki page" that is the source for a table of contents (and book view) of the primary "introductory thread" of a wiki.

Of course, that implementation is specific to the http://Twiki.org but could be implemented in other kinds of wiki's.

The BookMetaphor page discusses the merits of such a book view.

In NamedAnchorsInWiki, we discussed using NumberedHeadings? to generate a TableOfContents. That's been realized in UseMod:WikiPatches/TableOfContents.

Hands up who wants the TableOfContents patch? I've found it useful at work, but I generate more reports at work. It would be useful if we wrote more specs and FAQs ala ModWiki. -- SunirShah

I've got it working on the IAwikiDotNet, and it's a boon for long pages. It's also being used as a quick and dirty outliner. One thing you might want to check your code on though is what happens if the heading text contains any html markup (eg. wikinames, bold, italic, etc) -- EricScheid

Ok, I'll look into that bug and see if I can fix it. I like what you did with "WikiNameCanonicalization" of the headlines instead of using numbers. That's far more stable over the LongNow. -- SunirShah


I "fixed" the bug by hacking it until it's very difficult (maybe impossible?) to encounter. Half the problem was that I didn't understand what the bug was. My solution is simply to remove all the child anchors (<a/>) by a simple search and replace. -- SunirShah

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