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Welcome Tim! Best, MarkDilley

Nice to see you here! ZbigniewLukasiak

I'm just going to throw this here & see if it catches anyone's eye. I'm looking for a piece of software to house a software collection along with some structured metadata (developer's page, version info, dependencies, that sort of thing) about each program in the collection. I gather this kind of application is called a repository, FWIW. I don't need all the capabilities of a CVS to handle source code, this is for managing a collection of already compiled & packaged applications. Must run under LAMP or OSX, preferably fairly small & not too involved to install. Any suggestions, either post here or [email] me. Thanks.

They are called Software Hosting Systems

SourceForge family



-- SunirShah

Sunir, this is an awesome list but I'm hoping to find something more lightweight than any of these. All I need is a link to each application .zip or .gz or whatever (& presumably a method to upload it to the host application) & a few customizable fields for each entry. I could almost do it directly in MySQL? except I'm not sure how you'd make a pointer to a location in the filesystem in SQL.

-- TimKeller



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