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A SisterSite, or SpaghettiWiki if you will, to slough off spam and other advertising from the content rich site.

A is TwinWikiForAds to Wiki V :<=> A is TwinWiki to V, A is containing only Advertisement


Verbose: A TwinWikiForAds is a TwinWiki, containing only Advertisment, whereas its twin is a Value Wiki.


1. TwinWikiForAdsDiscussion
1.1. TwinWikiForAdsFree
1.2. TwinWikiForAdsPayed
1.3. TwinWikisForAdsSelfCleaning
1.4. TwinWikisForAdsScenarios
1.5. TwinWikiForAdsAsSpamDefense
1.6. TwinWikisForAdsFirstIdeas
2. TwinWikiForAdsAction


(This Toc is intended to help later refactoring. Feel free to introduce your own favorite sections)

1. TwinWikiForAdsDiscussion?

The discussion sections collects/evaluates knowledge and ideas

1.1. TwinWikiForAdsFree?

1.2. TwinWikiForAdsPayed?

1.3. TwinWikisForAdsSelfCleaning?

1.4. TwinWikisForAdsScenarios?

1.5. TwinWikiForAdsAsSpamDefense?

Such a TwinWiki is a very big, probably sparsely populated HoneyPot, that is even self cleaning.

1.6. TwinWikisForAdsFirstIdeas?

2. TwinWikiForAdsAction?

The Action section initiates actions that make use of this concept.

-- FridemarPache

SamRose suggested as much on the MeatballAntiSpam committee as a carrot to motivate spammers to fill out the SpammerSurvey.



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