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A book by TimBernersLee. See Wiki:WeavingTheWeb

I am halfway through the book, and I wonder how much further I'll get. The first half is a fascinating, well-written history of TimBernersLee and his invention, from the start as a solution to the documentation problem at CERN to the technology you use to read this. As such, I would strongly recommend it. The second half doesn't have the focus as the first. It is about the glorious future of interconnected technology that the WorldWideWebConsortium is creating standards for. Of course, I'm having problems in understanding how these technologies interrelate, nor how they couldn't be replaced by simpler interrelations. I like ExtensibleMarkupLanguage (XML) because it allows you to present configuration files and data dumps in a way that is human-readable, assuming you create the DTDs right. I found an audio track from [Dr Dobbs Journal] where TimBernersLee explains some of the interconnections that makes some sense. --DaveJacoby

When the text for the book was published, the "future" of the Web as far as a glorious future of interconnected technology was just a pipe dream, with no real form (same could be said about the early WWW...); the fact of the matter is, the W3C is slowly getting somewhere with this vision, and it now has more form. The W3C even launched a SemanticWeb Activity http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/ lately to investigate future possibilities. There are a great deal of hard core developers working on this, and useful products are being developed all of the time. -- SeanPalmer

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