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A nice feature of MediaWiki is the ToolBox element "what links here". Click on it and you get a list of all pages that have a hypetext link to the page you were at when you clicked on "what links here".

To see a page's BackLinks in UseMod, just click on its title on the page. This is, for example, how categories are implemented here. I cannot find a page discussing this, perhaps bizarre, choice of position for the BackLinks link, though. -- ChrisPurcell

The point is that this is (probably, as in other engines) not about normal BackLinks, but about external links that you can get from HTTP_REFERER evaluation and statistics. The problem is that search engine optimizer robots have long started to visit pages leaving their promoted URLS (casino, viagra, ...) in HTTP_REFERER, without actual external backlinks even existing. -- HelmutLeitner

That would be ExternalReferrals, then. -- ChrisPurcell

WhatLinksHere in MediaWiki is their implementation of BackLinks. The choice of linking the title makes perfect sense if you are comfortable with hypertext systems, which is to say it makes sense to programmers. -- SunirShah

In trying to help those of my associates that are not programmers understand the capabilities of wikis, I have found in useful to use a book's Index to explain the concept of backlinks and the Table of Contents to explain forward links. -- HansWobbe


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