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I've been using them all.

If someone else finds other tools, the author would like to see them together with your name in the list to take some kind of responsability.

-- FridemarPache

Some actions in the Web can be time-consuming:

like navigating to Web Services, filling out forms, evaluating, selecting and incorporating results into one's own workspace, adding value to and placing them in public workspace.

Such Web Services can be

Is there somebody who knows some useful automation tools (as browser enhancements) to type with less keystrokes, navigate, fill forms, get the results into the clipboard or to some file and add them in WikiAddOn?

Even better would be a CommunityProgrammableWiki, where such tools could be created on the fly with maximizing the community learning. -- FridemarPache

ZwikiClone can do this nicely if you're willing to install Zope.



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