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We could have a "ChatCircles" for RecentChanges. Instead of people being the circles and their messages as the text, pages and diffs. Nearness/farness would be an aspect of distance in the page graph. This might make RecentChanges make a lot more sense, and certainly help prevent the problem of HijackingRecentChanges. I've been thinking about this kind of solution for a while, but ChatCircles is pretty inspiring. Great FeatureKarma too. -- SunirShah

Great idea. This is almost a more fluid generalization of the current situation. Right now, a few different wikis are interconnected with InterMap links. You could think of the totality as one big wiki with different RecentChanges "regions" being delineated by the bounds of the individual wikis. Your idea allows the RecentChanges region to be calculated on the fly for each wiki page (within a single wiki PageDatabase, but this could eventually be extended).

The other differences are that different wikis can have different wiki software and social norms. Of course, given a large enough wiki with your idea applied, different norms might develop in different regions.

Perhaps we should move your idea to the page RecentNearChanges?? Both the current RecentNearChanges? and your scheme can be thought of as special cases with different metrics for "near".

-- BayleShanks

I think this is mostly an extension of RecentRelatedChanges. --MartinHarper

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