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I'm very much interested in the communication and community aspects of a wiki. The first wiki I came to was WikiWikiWeb and I think I was very lucky, because it seems to have the oldest and strongest community. But is this true? I only know a few wikis and looked into some WikiFarms. Many are "just linked pages" and have no community at all. I would like to look at other real wiki communities and their culture. Are they copies of the original Wiki? Have they developed different ways of cooperation? What special terms developed? Are dramatic personalities really needed? What about things like WikiMaster, WikiGnome, GoodWikiCiticen? Does anybody have comparisons or a WikiCommunityList? -- HelmutLeitner

A list can be found in the InterMap...

(Also see WikiIndex, BiggestWiki And MeatBall:back=CategoryOnlineCommunity, FoxWiki)

The Wiki:DramaticIdentitys [sic] that you mentioned are affectations of WikiWiki's culture and politics, not necessarily those of a wiki itself. In fact, WikiWiki is kind of embarassing as far as the "wiki cause" goes as it is a pit of flamage.

MetaWiki keeps a history of the page counts of the sites it caches. There's some problems with PhpWikis and the JargonFile, so I haven't published it yet. Besides, I don't want to encourage a horse race of page growth. Growing slow is fine provided it is high quality growth. Y'know, ContentOverForm. -- SunirShah

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