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WikiFish (http://www.wikifish.org) is a collaborative website (CoWeb) for the students, staff and faculty of the School of Architecture at Auburn University.

Rusty, is there a particular place that you want WikiFish in the Eclectic Tour? - Best, MarkDilley

Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to me re: The TourBus. Like everyone, we want a stop up near the beginning of the route, but being new here, I am unfamiliar with the prior negotiations of other wikis. Put us where you feel we best serve the route, thanks for allowing us to join. RustySmith

As of August 2003, WikiFish seems to have some 1050 pages of which 890 contain a comma. Not yet big enough for the BiggestWiki list, but not far from it.

 name: WikiFish
 tour bus stop URL: http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?doc=TourBusStop&wikiid=1231&wpid=
 host and e-mail: RustySmith rusty.smith@auburn.edu
 language: English
 mission: collaborative wiki for the use of the students, staff and faculty of the Auburn University School of Architecture.
 wiki-software (clone) used: CFWiki (cold fusion clone of WardsWiki - hosted by SeedWiki)
 geographical location: Auburn, Alabama
 date of birth: December, 2002
 pages/homepages: 1130+/170+
 open or closed: open to all
 tour connections / current: none
 tour connections / wanted: Eclectic-Wiki-Tour (now), Academic-Wiki-Tour (when available)
 date of last update (this template): July 18, 2003

Thanks in advance for considering us for the tour.

Rusty, I'm sorry for the delay. I was onmountain for a few days. I'm not quite sure about the best place for WikiFish, but it is a comparatively old, large and stable wiki community in a very important part of wiki topology. So I would prefer to put it into the GRAND-WIKI-COMMUNITY-TOUR and start an international UNIVERSITY-WIKI-TOUR (or ACADEMIC-WIKI-TOUR) from it as soon as possible. What do you think? -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut: both routes would be fantastic. Let me know what I need to do from this end - I can devote a good deal of time to participating in the BusManagement of any new or existing routes, if you need the help. [RustySmith]

Rusty, your participation is very welcome, thank you. Please join the BusManagement and care for the UNIVERSITY-WIKI-TOUR as a start. Tell me when you want to be joined (consider to use this as an event for your community) and then I'll suggest WikiFish for the GWCT. -- HelmutLeitner

We are all ready to go, and our TBS is in place - the current time is great for a connection, as we are days away from winding down our semester. It would be great to get the connection to the GWCT before we start next semester, as we always have a WikiRollout? for our new incoming students. I will begin to develop the UNIVERSITY-WIKI-TOUR now. [RustySmith]

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