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WikiWindow will allow each user to interact with MeatballWiki (or any other wiki) through whatever wiki frontend they wish. It won't require any server-side changes. It isn't done yet, but the WikiGateway part is functional.

See [InterWikiSoftware:WikiWindow] for more discussion; the following is excerpted from there.


Let's say that you want to view the page MeatBall:SandBox through OddMuse. Let's say there was an OddMuse MeatballWiki window set up at http://interwiki.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/mbOddMuse.cgi. You point your browser at the page http://interwiki.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/mbOddMuse.cgi?SandBox.

The OddMuse CGI script at mbOddMuse.cgi has been modified so that instead of looking into its native PageDatabase for the requested page, it makes an XmlRpcToWiki request to a WikiGateway, which let's say resides at http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/mbWikiGateway.cgi.

The script mbWikiGateway.cgi accepts the XmlRpcToWiki request and emits a normal HTTP page browse request to http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl. mb.pl sees this as just another user asking for a page, and sends the page to mbWikiGateway.cgi.

mbWikiGateway.cgi then replies to the XmlRpcToWiki request from mbOddMuse.cgi.

Finally, mbOddMuse.cgi acts as if it got the page from its own PageDatabase, and displays it to you.

The flow of data is:

user <---> modified OddMuse <---> WikiGateway <---> MeatballWiki server.

You can edit the page through the OddMuse window, too. It works similarly.

-- BayleShanks

Does any of this have to do with TransClusions or InternalTransclusions (inclusions)? It seems that it would also benefit from the WikiMarkupStandard, or WikiParserSemantics?.

Hmm, I guess you could say that a wiki window is just a TransClusion with no content of it's own. Note that this is a TransClusion in which you can edit the source, though; people using the window are acting as MeatballWiki community members, rather than members of a different community which has transcluded some pages.

Right now I intend to bypass the markup conversion problem by just having the "real" wiki do the rendering of wiki markup into HTML rather than the frontend wiki; i.e. a UseMod frontend would be have &WikiToHTML? replaced with a call to a WikiGateway.

Eventually I want to add markup conversion routines to WikiGateway; i.e. you would do $usemodPage = WikiGateway:MoinMoinToUseMod($moinMoinPage), etc. This is a WorseIsBetter approach as compared to waiting for a WikiMarkupStandard.

-- BayleShanks


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