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An AffinityGroup is a group of people organized together at a larger scale protest, as used for instance by the anti-globalization protesters. "I have to get back to my affinity group to make dinner." You shouldn't swizzle that meaning with technolust. -- SunirShah

I agree, Sunir''s definition of AffinityGroup is the only one I have know for years. MarkDilley

We should change either the name or the definition, as one can easily imagine an AffinityGroup that is not built automatically.

i agree, i guess we should think of a name with "auto" in it or something. Any ideas? AutoAffinityGroup? sounds unwieldy to me, . . . So the technical concept on this page should definitely be given a new name. -- BayleShanks

How about AffinityCluster?? -- SebPaquet

An AffinityCluster? is a a group of people with similar interests/behaviors automatically selected for you by software. It is similar to one process by which services like amazon.com recommend products to you; one way to do this is first find the users whose past buying habits were similar to yours, and then recommending things that they've bought that you haven't.

A special case of CollaborativeFiltering.

see also RatingGroups, ViewPoint.


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