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http://wiki.autrans.net/ is now the official french ConferenceWiki website to organize the 10th Autrans Meeting dedicated to speak of prospective.

"Internet in 10 years" ?

2006, 12-14th january in Autrans (Savoie-France). Contact and organization : CraoWiki:BrunoOudet


A FrenchLanguageWiki project dedicated to Autrans2004 / Follow-up to 2005 :

 name: AutransWiki
 tour bus stop URL: http://autrans.crao.net/index.php/TourBusStop
 host and e-mail: ArnaudFontaine - arnaud@crao.net
 language: french visit MeatBall:LangueFrançaise
 mission: Event Manufacturing
 wiki-software used: PhpWiki
 geographical location: Internet World
 neighbourhood: CraoWiki MeatballWiki CopyLeft IgeneratorWiki CommunityWiki FractalWiki
 date of birth: Octobre 2003 in AutransWiki
 pages/homepages: 1296 / 245
 open or closed: open with signin
 tour connections / current:
 tour connections / wanted: (studying LANGUEFRANCAISE-TOUR)
 date of last update (this template): Oct 20, 2004

Le groupe pourrait y parler de l'organisation de journées de la France en Réseau. La thématique officielle 2004 était l'Echange de Savoirs. En 2005, nous y parlerons de l'internet des territoires.

All international wikistes are invited to speak or join the group via videoconference.

AutransWiki 2004 Faq

Can you tell me more ? What is Autrans ? What are the goals and the schedule of this conference? What are the organizations behind it? What is your role? -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, please find a [google translation]. Autrans is a small village in the Vercors. The organizations behind are CraoWiki:FondationInternetNouvelleGénération, IsocFrance?, Inria Rhône Alpes, Communauté De Massif Du Vercors and CraoWiki:LesAutres. ArnaudFontaine and I convinced the organization to try wiki in order to organize this french event and build the programme. No mailing lists, no forums,... just a wiki. I cannot say more for the moment but wiki could be a good way to drain new energies ? I mean people who did not know Autrans before... And the programme should be achieved on 5 january 2004.

Let's say the event remains opened to international wikistes through conversations in the lobby. Let's mention here for Meatball a table ronde speaking of Building Collective Knowledge. [still opened to international speakers]. YannForget will be the french rep of WikiPedia. So feel free (as any Meatballer to come and visit us ;). Regards. -- ChristopheDucamp

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