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This page could be dedicated to mark some FrenchLanguageWikis described on MeatballWiki in order to organize a TourBus of french wiki-communties.

If you want to add a short description of your french wiki on Meatball in LangueFrançaise, please

You could use this template :

 name :nameofyourwiki
 tour bus stop URL: tour bus stop url
 host and e-mail: yourrealname and email
 language: french
 mission: url of your EnoncéMission
 wiki-software used: wikiengine
 geographical location: 
 neighbourhood: wikinode url
 date of birth: mm/yyyy
 pages/homepages: xxx  / xxx
 open or closed: open with signin
 tour connections / current: none
 tour connections / wanted: to be defined (LANGUEFRANCAISE-GRAND-TOUR)
 date of last update (this template): mm/yyyy

French Language Wiki on WikiIndex

FrenchLanguageWikis have also a sub-category on WikiIndexÿ?17ÿ who should be quite more exhaustive (including personal wiki...)

To add your french wiki to the WikiIndex :

French Wikis Described on MeatballWiki

AltraQuaze --sometimes called eaki but this is mistaken
AutransWiki -- the first french WikiConference?
BlueMoon -- a french programmable wiki for my friends and me
CommunityWiki:Plan_du_Site -- translations of CommunityWiki
CraoWiki -- community-wiki french geeks
FractalWiki:PageAccueil -- WikiFractality in frenche
FrenchWikipedia -- french encyclopedia
IgeneratorWiki -- Project-wiki
ParisSansFil -- Wireless in Paris
ReseauCitoyen -- Wifi in belgium

Discover them and describe them (to be cleaned) :

[EmacsWiki vf]
[Manuel OddMuse vf]
[Les Pompeurs]
[Le Village] liste des WikisFrancophones?
[Wiki de Télécom Paris (école d'ingénieurs)]
[Wiki de Michel Campillo]
[Le Wiki des BookCrosseurs Francophones !]
[Le bureau de Corinne et Véro] - bureau collectif de deux enseignantes-wikinistes
[Cogitateurs-Agitateurs] -- Site québécois de réflexion et d'action libertaire



I suggest to delete this ShallowPage regards to our WikiIndex which has now a french category dedicated to french language wikis ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Why not just have it document the WikiIndex category then? It seems that kind of information would be useful. -- ChrisPurcell

Ok Chris, I've undeleted the page and tried a small introduction and a template description who could be reviewed ? -- ChristopheDucamp


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